Vacuum Casting Services

We are a credible Vacuum Casting Services provider from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. These Services are widely preferred by the clients as we have all the latest tools and technology to provide you with the most feasible solutions. Our adroit team members are experts in completing core & cavity extraction manually and as the outcome of these services we assure you will get highly functional parts with remarkable aesthetics. Rely on us!


Vacuum Casting/Silicone molding is a rapid tooling process, where master pattern of any suitable process can be used to produce a silicone rubber mold. Core and cavity extraction is done manually. Equivalent material to the end material is poured under vacuum so as to produce the component. Ideally, a silicone mold can produce up to 20 good replicas but again the capability may vary as per the design complexity & quality acceptance. The parts produced in this process are functional and with excellent aesthetics. This process is suggested when multiple functional prototypes required within a short time line in low cost.