SLA Rapid Prototyping Services

SLA Rapid Prototyping is an additive prototyping process in which we use epoxy. This epoxy is cured layer-by-layer using laser beam to get the wanted prototype. These Prototypes are of good quality and therefore, widely demanded for design verifications & as master pattern for manufacturing silicone molds. These SLA Rapid Prototyping Services are appreciated amongst the clients because of their timely execution and nominal rates. From West Bengal, we are a notable Stereo Lithography Analysis (SLA) SLA Prototypes Service provider.


Stereo Lithography Analysis (SLA) is an additive prototyping process.

In this process, the material used is epoxy and cured layer by layer using laser beam to manufacture the desired prototype. These prototypes have good aesthetics and highly preferred for design verification & as master pattern to make silicone molds.